Advanced Practice Providers Well-Being Index 

Burnout Among Advanced Practice Providers

As the role of advanced practice providers - Physician Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners (NP), and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) - expands and increases based on need, the risk of burnout also increases.

Invented By Mayo ClinicMuch like physicians, burnout rates among advanced practice providers hover around 30-50%. On average, burnout rates have increased by 9% in just three years. As demands among institutions increase, burnout is expected to continually rise.

The Impact of Burnout

Tackling burnout is difficult because it affects each individual differently. It can be caused by lack of control over workload, decreased satisfaction, an imbalance of job-related tasks, conflict and poor relationships between leadership, among other factors.

At an individual level, burnout has both professional and personal ramifications. Burnout leaves advanced practice providers emotionally exhausted to the point of feeling like they can’t meet the demands of their job, an inability to engage, and cynical detachment. It affects job performance, personal relationships, and their day-to-day mindset.

Burnout doesn’t stop at the individual level. It bleeds into the institution and impacts fellow employees, leadership, patient care, and even financials.

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Impact of Burnout

The Advanced Practice Providers Well-Being Index

Users of the Well-Being Index have found the resource to be invaluable. Using rigorous development and a multi-step validation process, the Well-Being Index was invented by physicians at the Mayo Clinic to evaluate multiple dimensions of distress. Since, it has been validated by various publications and used by more than 35,000 medical professionals.

Advanced Practice Providers Well-Being Index

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