6 Ways to Get your Medical Education Resources Found Online


Doctors and other medical field professionals need to deploy digital marketing techniques in order to reap the associated benefits. Digital marketing will not only help you get more qualified leads, but it will also help you increase your website traffic and establish your authority online. Let's take a look at some of the tried-and-true digital marketing techniques that will help you get your medical education resources found online.

Your Page Load Speed Needs to Be as Fast as Possible

Don't bog down your page with unnecessary or overly large graphics, since this will make the load time much slower. Remember, if your page takes a long time to load, your potential lead will not stay on it for very long. If they click off, you could lose them and never get them back. Overall, your page should take no more than 30 seconds to load.

You Need to Optimize Social Validation and Testimonials

A common keyword phrase usually involves an adjective that describes you as the premier provider of your goods and services (i.e., "best," "top," "favorite"). These are words that often pop up in both social media comments and testimonials. So, if you know you have a lot of Tweets and/or testimonials that say you're the "best medical device supplier" (this is your keyword phrase), make sure this page is optimized as much as possible to generate more leads.

You Need to Make Your Contact Forms as Easy as Possible

A contact form on a landing page is perhaps the easiest way to get qualified leads. However, even this component needs to be handled appropriately: if you make the contact list too long, or too detailed, your potential leads won't fill it out. All you need on a contact form is the person's name, address and contact information (phone and/or email address). When you contact that person, you can then ask them more detailed questions about their needs and wants, which helps you sell your products quicker and easier.

You Need to Decide if GeoTargeting Is Necessary

GeoTargeting refers to a marketing technique that only markets you to the local area in which you operate. While this type of targeting will decrease your overall web traffic, it will increase the quality of your leads. GeoTargeting will also structure things so that you can only market to the area you serve. However, GeoTargeting isn't recommended if your company operates on a national level, since you run the risk of losing some very important customers.

You Need to Make Sure That Your Page Is Conversion-Optimized

While a customized website may look "cool," it makes no sense – and will prove to be a waste of money – if it isn't optimized for conversions. If your site isn't easy to navigate, or if the online store looks sketchy or the colors are "off," you won't get the sales you need. Remember: your website is designed for the customer, not for you.

You Need a Call to Action

People are more likely to respond if they realize there's a call to action on the site. Stressing the immediacy of the action – Call Now! Write Now! Act Now! – will improve your chances of getting a proper conversion.

These tips will help you place your medical education resources before a broad, interested and ready-to-convert audience.