5 Hassle-Free Steps to Finding the Right Medical Marketing Agency


A medical marketing agency helps continued medical education (CME) providers generate attendee interest and increase online visibility. Such agencies also create public awareness campaigns that promote issues that your organization is passionate about. Finding the right medical marketing agency, however, can be a challenge.

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You need to choose a company that has experience in the healthcare sector and provides you with value for money. Here are some tips for finding the right medical marketing agency.

1. Do Your Research and Get Recommendations

There are various medical marketing agencies out there. You should choose one that has the right amount of experience and great customer service. Use your networking sources or use an online database to get some ideas. Don't forget to ask for references or recommendations from clients they currently work with.

2. Make Sure They Know CME 

It's important the medical marketing agency knows CME. Many medical marketing companies are fluent in working with hospitals to increase patient numbers, but many fall short when it comes to working with continued education for physicians. As you are doing your research, make it a point to see their experience with CME-specific marketing efforts.

3. Choose a Company That Values Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that increases your rankings on search engines like Google. Medical marketing agencies that use SEO generate more traffic to your Web pages — something that could result in more course attendees, members, and general interest about your CME offerings. 

SEO is a brilliant way to target your preferred audience and encourage them to visit your site. More and more physicians are using search engines and social media to find CME opportunities.

4. Choose an Agency That Uses Various Marketing Channels 

People access medical information in various ways. Opt for a marketing agency that utilizes various channels in order to increase exposure.

One of the best ways to advertise your medical services is via social media. With a variety of platforms and paid search opportunities, marketing efforts can be both affordable and effective. You can keep your social pages updated with health-related information and industry insights.

5. Choose a Company That Provides You With Analytics

After you have created a marketing campaign, you can measure its effectiveness. Select a medical marketing agency that not only provides you with information about your campaigns, but also helps you digest it in a way that makes sense and draws conclusions. You should be given explanations and reasoning as to why certain things happen. This way, you can discover how many people have seen your advertisement or clicked on your website.

Some marketing agencies provide you with access to a digital dashboard, where you can view analytics in real time. Use this information to make predictions about potential attendees and forecast future marketing efforts.

Follow these five steps to find the ultimate medical marketing agency for your organization. Once you have found a marketer, you can target the right people with CME-related information and increase the number who visit your website.