How Content Sells Seats for a Continued Medical Education Conference


Content is a powerful healthcare marketing resource capable of bringing in more medical professionals to your CME event. When you put a content strategy in place to support your attendance goals, you support your other advertising efforts and provide a better overall experience.

Speak to the Interests and Needs of Your Audience

Write quality content targeted to specific audience segments. For example, you can create separate groups for the size of the medical practice, the seniority of the medical professionals or the specialties involved. Each piece addresses the particular interests and needs of that segment, rather than taking a "one size fits all" approach to your articles.

Survey past and present attendees to find out exactly which demographics you attract. Build attendee profiles that summarize the typical medical professionals who show up to your CME events. Flesh out this information with additional survey input, such as finding out the biggest challenges of each group. Over time, you end up with extremely detailed personas for your content creation efforts.

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Create Value for Your Attendees

Medical professionals have a lot of demands on their time. You need to reassure them that your CME event is worth fitting into their schedules. One way you can do that is by delivering value before attendees register. Create blog posts, articles, videos and resources related to the event's topics. You give the medical professionals a better idea of what you have to offer. This content also establishes a baseline expectation of the knowledge level participants should have.

Build Anticipation for Your Continued Medical Education Conference

Get attendees excited with an email series designed to build anticipation before the event starts. You can talk about popular sessions and publish interviews with prominent medical professionals working with you. This content helps you keep the CME event top of mind with doctors, and hopefully has them talking to their colleagues about it.

Engage With Your Audience Before the Event

You don't have to wait until the event to connect with the attendees. Encourage participation on your social media content or in the comments on your articles. Get to know as many people as possible before they walk through the door. You gain insight into their pain points, expectations for the event and create an emotional investment.

Address Common Questions Before the CME Event

Your content acts as an excellent salesperson for your CME event. Create an FAQ page going over everything medical professionals would need to know before they register. By overcoming their objections to signing up, you can improve your conversion rates and reduce the number of inquiries covering the same questions.

Establish Your CME Event as an Authority in the Field

Give your potential attendees a compelling reason to register for your CME event. Become the go-to organization for a particular area in the medical field. Look beyond broad specializations and emphasize the elements that set you apart from other CME events. When you develop authoritative content in this area, you attract attention and distinguish yourself.

Content offers exceptional CME resources when you want to fill your seats. Use a learning management system, such as MedEd Manager, to coordinate your healthcare marketing efforts for your continuing medical education conference. You know that you provide an exceptional value for your attendees, and you can prove it to them when you implement a robust content strategy.

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