Medical Marketing: 8 Easy Marketing Tactics to Promote a Medical Conference


Do you want to boost interest in your medical conference and bring in more attendees? Use these medical marketing tactics to sell out your tickets and get everyone eagerly waiting for next year's early bird special tickets.

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Twitter Chats

Twitter is an excellent social network for casual and real-time conversations. Due to this environment, you can get a good response out of regularly scheduled chats revolving around a branded hashtag. You can tackle topics that are going to be covered at your event or talk about news affecting your area of medical practice. To get the most engagement, try lining up your speakers to moderate the chats, so you have the additional name power to attract users.


Targeted Blog and Guest Blog Posts

If you only post when your event is going on, you give up an excellent opportunity to keep building interest. Create blog posts on your website that cover everything from the best sessions to your insight on the latest medical developments. Get interviews with your speakers and attendees and give people a reason to visit the site in between your conference.

Look for guest blogging opportunities to go where your target attendees spend their time. Create useful content that establishes your authority and positions your organization as a trustworthy voice.

Reach Out to Previous Attendees Via Email

If you have previous events under your belt, use your mailing list to keep in touch with past participants. Ideally, you talk to them before, during and after the conference through newsletters, surveys and other interesting content. When you engage with them occasionally in between events, you build up the relationship over time. Once tickets go live, they're prepared and ready to make the purchase.


Ask Previous Attendees and Speakers to Write About Their Experiences


Medical professionals are a busy bunch, so you have to prove that you offer a valuable opportunity that is worth the time. Reach out to your speakers and attendees from past events and ask them to blog about the experience. You get valuable feedback and find out what people like the most about your conference.


Industry Influencer Outreach


Talk to prominent people within your medical sector to see whether they are interested in posting about your event or sharing any of your content. Start relationship-building with these prospects via their social media profiles, since that's a casual environment suitable for an informal introduction.


Targeted Social Ads on LinkedIn


LinkedIn's advertisement targeting gives you a clear picture of the people you'll reach with your campaign. You can show your ads to your ideal attendee profile, with job title matches and other important demographic information. While this is a paid marketing method, it's cost-effective when you're getting this targeted.


Optimize Your Event Page for Conversions


Make sure that your event registration page drives visitors towards your key goal: an event sign-up. Remove anything that gets in the way of this process, such as distracting content. Create a call to action button or section that is prominent and catches the eye, along with plenty of copy that emphasizes the benefits of your event. Cover any pre-registration questions and make it easy to get in touch with you if they need one-on-one help.


Curate Content From the Target Audience


Producing enough content to fuel your medical marketing efforts can be difficult. Content curation lets you leverage high-quality pieces from your target audience and share it to provide additional value for your readers. Use a feed reader and Twitter lists to read popular articles and select the ones that fit in with your attendee interests.

You put a lot of work into producing a quality event. Make sure that you're getting the participant numbers you should be with these marketing tips.

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