Why a Learning Management System (LMS) Is Your Best Friend at a CME Conference


Continuing medical education (CME) is crucial for helping medical professionals stay up to date on the latest medical information, procedures, technology, and equipment. Medical personnel such as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff must earn CME credits on a regular basis in order to maintain their state license to practice medicine.

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While medical professionals can take a variety of different types of CME courses, including in-classroom training and online training, CME conferences are becoming extremely popular because they cover a massive amount of information, by a variety of experts, in a short period of time. Organizing a CME conference, however, takes a lot of planning and preparation. The good news is that learning management software (LMS) can help simplify this process. Here are the top four reasons why LMS can be your best friend at a CME conference.

1. Creates Easy and Secure Registration Process

LMS implantation helps streamline the entire registration process. Conference attendees have the ability to sign up quickly and easily online through a secure interface. You can create customized registration forms to collect the necessary information from each participant prior to the start of the conference. You also can set up a secure payment process that allows all attendees to complete registration and payment online.

2. Improved Document Management

CME conferences typically deliver massive amounts of content to each participant. This equates to a lot of papers, packets, and pamphlets to keep track of for both the conference organizers and attendees. LMS integration can help eliminate this headache by delivering conference content over a variety of electronic mediums, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This greatly improves document management. Conference speakers can be sure that all participants have the information they need when they need it, and attendees don't have to stress about keeping track of all the handouts given at the conference.

3. Enhanced Participant Engagement

One of the best benefits of using LMS at a CME conference is that it enhances participant engagement. Whether hosting your CME in person or online, LMS enables attended to participate in a several ways, including open discussion forums, email, online chat, and instant messaging.

Participants can ask questions, provide input, have one-on-one conversations with the speaker (through email or instant message), collaborate with one another (open discussion boards), and more. Conference speakers also can seek feedback from participants to ensure future conferences meet the current demands facing medical professionals.

4. Provides Accurate, Real-Time Record Keeping

When used throughout the CME conference, LMS can provide real-time record keeping. Both conference planners and speakers have an accurate record of exactly who attended the conference and what portions of the conference they attended. This is extremely important since most participants are counting on you to provide them with the documentation necessary to earn their CME credits.

From registration and document management to participant engagement and record keeping, LMS can make hosting a CME conference much easier. This will not only benefit your company, it will also benefit the speakers and the attendees of the conference.

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