The Top 4 Platforms to Promote CME Events


Getting attendees to come to your CME events calls for using the right platforms to promote your event. But there are several platforms that are effective for promoting CME events. Here are some of the top four to consider:

1. Doximity

Social media platforms that are targeted towards niche groups are great platforms for promoting your CME events. Not only are you meeting the doctors and medical staff who need CME credits on the platforms they frequently use but you can also increase your chances of converting interested parties into prospective CME event attendees.

Doximity provides an ideal platform for accomplishing this when you are targeting U.S.-based medical professionals. This social media platform hosts more than one million healthcare professionals, which makes it an ideal platform to use to reach a network of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who may require CMEs.

2. Facebook

Facebook is an ideal platform for promoting CME events thanks to its features that help facilitate niche groups. For instance, you can foster a community of loyal followers by creating a Facebook group that provides them with insight on valuable content.

You can infuse promotional content that updates your followers about upcoming CME events with ease. The key is to establish trust and a rapport with the group members so that the CME event notification appears authentic rather than a ploy to sell. You can also leverage Facebook bots to help convert leads for your event.

3. LinkedIn

If you want to reach professionals via social media platforms, there's none quite like LinkedIn. LinkedIn fosters a professional environment that enables engagement with professionals, including healthcare professionals seeking to attend CME events.

You can leverage LinkedIn's paid services to amplify your promotional efforts by subscribing to its premium business plan. With this plan, you can connect with larger networks and find relevant leads that you can target to promote your CME events.

Like Facebook, the platform also is ideal for hosting exclusive content and creating groups. You can also use LinkedIn to promote your CME event by creating and publishing articles about the event so that prospective attendees can get excited and interested about what they can learn by attending.

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4. Instagram

Visual cues are important for evoking emotion and driving people to take action, and Instagram provides an ideal platform for this when it comes to promoting your CME event. You can use the free features of Instagram to engage with potential CME event attendees, including replying to questions about your CME event that healthcare professionals may post in the comment sections. Also, try creating an Instagram Story that invites followers to see a sneak-peek of the different workshops and seminars they can expect when attending your event.

You can post a trailer video of your CME event on your Instagram account to help drive awareness about the event. You can even entice prospective attendees by investing in Instagram advertisements that include a link to the landing page and use hashtags to geo-target the right audience.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your CME event doesn't have to be complicated when you leverage the top platforms from the start. Whether you opt to take advantage of paid platforms or organic ones, it's important to choose the best platform that meets your specific business goals. Consider using the platforms that help you enhance your CME event promotion efforts and assist you in reaching your target audience effectively.

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