The Well-Being Index: New Updates for a New Year


Happy New Year from the Well-Being Index team! We're excited to announce a few new updates to the tool. In the fight against burnout in the medical community, it's essential to stay ahead of the current. The healthcare industry moves fast; so, we do too. Check out the latest updates to the WBI tool and the reasoning behind them.

The Well-Being Index Tool Branches Out

As of 2018, the WBI tool started being used more and more outside of the United States. The issue, however, was that the tool had aspects specific to the US that were not translating to other countries and cultures. Our goal is for all users to feel welcome within the WBI tool. So, we generated a list of updates that would help account admins easily tailor the tool to their specific audiences.

The updates include:

  • Removing all US-specific verbiage
  • Displaying the flag of the admin's chosen country in accordance with the phone number
  • The ability to turn off the default "National Resources" and display only those chosen or local

Our hope for these updates is to create a more intuitive experience for users across the world.

Advanced Permission Feature for Reports (Champion Plan)

Reassessing well-being can sometimes get set on the back burner. The WBI team recognizes that department leaders are fundamental in encouraging participants to assess and to keep up with their progress. An effective WBI account managing tool is essential to taking full advantage of the tool and all of its capabilities.

It's important for the admin to resolve uncertainties that may be keeping a participant from (re)assessing. Additionally, current WBI admins have requested the ability to track their department's participation levels.

In response, the WBI team has made it possible for admins to analyze participation levels (still completely anonymously), and to keep a pulse on the overall well-being of the department.


Average National Scores (Champion Plan)

If you read our last WBI updates article, you would know our team takes feature requests very seriously. Wellness programs had been requesting advanced reporting for a better understanding of how participants were doing. So, for this round of updates, we looked into finding a way for institutions to get an even better idea of the staff's well-being.

Our programmers built a feature that allows admins to see average national scores for well-being, along with the institution's average. The national average can be filtered to show differences in chosen demographics.

National Mean For Advanced Reports

The WBI is Still Completely Anonymous

Our team is always eager to enhance the Well-Being Index tool to help medical institutions improve faculty's wellness. That's why we take user requests to heart. We also are sticklers regarding participant anonymity. No matter what kind of updates are implemented, your well-being scores are for your eyes only.

Do you have questions about any of the latest upgrades to the WBI tool? Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our WBI experts by clicking the button below!

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