5 Benefits of the Physician Well-Being Index


Invented by the Mayo Clinic, the Well-Being Index was created to evaluate the current status of well-being and re-engage physicians with their purpose. The Physician Well-Being Index is a 100% anonymous, web-based tool that evaluates multiple dimensions of distress in just 9 questions. It is designed to measure burnout, provide valuable resources, and track progress over time to promote self-awareness. Let’s review five specific benefits available to participants of the Well-Being Index.

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It Measures Multiple Dimensions of Distress

The Physician Well-Being Index is unique in that it measures multiple dimensions of distress in just nine questions. To create the tool, researchers from the Mayo Clinic evaluated several distress mechanisms and their results to create nine all-encompassing questions that measure:

  • Professional Satisfaction
  • Burnout
  • Engagement
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Quality of Life
  • Along with other composite well-being measures. 

The Well-Being Index Allows Physicians to Track Scores Over Time

Not only does the Well-Being Index assess physician wellness, it allows users to track their scores over time. This function promotes self-awareness and the ability to correlate life and practice events with their respective well-being scores.

For example, if a physician notices a dip in their well-being score over time and is able to correlate that with an event or specific hurdle in their practice, they can take steps to adjust or remove that hurdle, subsequently reducing the chances for future negative implications.

This is also a valuable measurement for institutions. Using the Well-Being Index to anonymously evaluate healthcare staff, administrators are able to identify trends and success measures for wellness programs and efforts.   

The Index Includes Local and National Resources

Also included with the Well-Being Index are valuable resources on both a national and local level. Between informational videos, validated study materials, and more, once a physician completes the Well-Being Index, they will have access to resources when they need them the most. 

It’s a Completely Validated Assessment Tool

This online tool is more than an assessment. It is a tool that has been researched and validated in a variety of applications. Invented by the Mayo Clinic, it has been studied and researched by multidisciplinary professionals to support quality of life research. Used by more than 35,000 physicians across the nation, studies have been published worldwide, validating its use:  

The Well-Being Index is a Free Tool to Monitor Well-Being

Perhaps the best thing about the Well-Being Index is the accessibility. Physicians can now self-assess their well-being for free. Users have the option to create an account and reassess in the future to track their results over time.

The Well-Being Index is the first step to reducing burnout and improving well-being among physicians and healthcare staff. It is a validated tool that effectively measures and tracks well-being in order to address wellness. Learn more about how it works and how it can benefit your well-being efforts.

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