Exploring the Well-Being Resource Library: Stress and Resiliency


We’re on a mission to beat burnout and improve well-being among professionals with high-stress positions. Burnout is an issue that affects up to 50% of working adults across all industries. It leads to reduced efficiency, on-the-job error, and even personal harm.

As part of this mission, we are aiming to have 500,000 people use the Well-Being Index to assess their well-being. This is the first step in improving and managing personal wellness. It is a powerful self-assessment tool that not only evaluates distress levels across multiple dimensions, but also includes a huge library of customizable resources.

Once an individual completes the Well-Being assessment, they will have access to resources that are tailored to their results. Each resource topic includes a video, both national and local resources, as well as a variety of ideas for next steps. 

Well-Being Index Video Series: Stress and Resiliency

The Well-Being Index video series was created by Dr. Tait D. Shanafelt, M.D. and Dr. Liselotte N. Dyrbye, M.D., MHPE. Dr. Shanafelt is the director of the Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine Program on Physician Well-being, a clinical laboratory evaluating personal and organizational factors that contribute to physician satisfaction. Dr. Dyrbye is the Associate Director, Research Applications, Department of Medicine Program on Physician Well-Being and focuses on research projects focused on physician well-being.

The video series is comprised of 11 video topics. Each video is between 6-12 min. in length and provides an overview of each specific topic. The video on the topic of Stress and Resiliency includes:

  • Exploration of the Science of Happiness
  • The Importance of Focusing on Resiliency
  • How to Improve Mindfulness
  • Wellness Strategies used by Physicians 

To view the complete video on Stress and Resiliency, the entire video is available below.

In addition to the Well-Being Index video series, each resource topic includes national and local resources.

National and Local Resources

The local resources are completely customizable per institutions. Organizations can include internal resources, information on wellness activities and programs, and how to access community resources. On a national level, resources include powerful content and videos that have been hand-picked by programs at the Mayo Clinic.

Other Resources Included with the Well-Being Index

Also included are various tools and research that validate this process. These publications are abstracts and articles of interest that showcase the work being completed on the topic of well-being across the world.

These resource materials are meant to provide ways to improve wellness and self-awareness. They are a next step to those interested in improving their well-being. An improved sense of well-being leads to better people, employees, and lives.

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