New Features Available for the Well-Being Index


As part of the mission to beat burnout, the MedEd Web solutions team is continually improving the tools and resources available as part of the Well-Being Index. As the studies on employee well-being continue and organizations implement the Index as a part of their wellness program, we’ve made a few updates. Get a sneak peak of the brand-new features below:

Standard Deviation Reports & Advanced Reporting Features

The new updates to the Well-Being Index boast advanced views in the reporting features. Now, in addition to a graph view, all data can also be viewed in a table format. Individuals now have the ability to export data points and graph information in a PDF format for simplified reporting.


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As part of the advanced reporting capabilities, and to answer several requests, we’ve added the standard deviation of scores integrated as part of the available reports. When this information is relevant, it will be part of the graphs and table charts in the reporting features.

The Option to Assess More Frequently

With a minimum three-month timeframe between assessments, we found people could easily forget about the Well-Being Index and, more importantly, reassessing their well-being. A three-month timeframe between assessments also made it difficult for individuals to correlate life events with their well-being score results. It was difficult to pinpoint which professional or personal occurrence had an effect on their general score.

Reducing the minimum time between assessments to one-month makes the tool habitual and the results more accurate. This timeframe is still completely customizable per individual or organization.

Enhanced Reminder Functionalities

A vital part in improving well-being is monitoring well-being over time. One update made to improve reassessment rates involves reminder functionalities. If the user doesn't reassess after receiving the first reminder, because they were busy at the time or for other reasons, they will receive an additional reminder to encourage reassessing and tracking their well-being.

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