Well-Being Weekly | Week of May 4th, 2020

Explore the latest research, news and developments in the world of wellness in this installment of the Well-Being Weekly. Get caught up on this week's biggest stories surrounding mental health and well-being in the healthcare industry, provided by Well-Being Index experts Patrick McNally and Sunny Prabhakar. 

Now is the time to care for our Healthcare Heroes

Now is not the time to push off caring about well-being in the healthcare system. Now is the time to make sure that healthcare heroes are heard, protected, prepared, supported and cared for. Check out our recent article to learn more about what frontline providers are asking for and the long-term consequences for clinicians during this time. 

5 tactics designed to prioritize physician health

In a recent AMA article, Rush University Medical Center’s Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Bryant Adibe explained the 5 key tactics that his Wellness Task Force is implementing to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on physician well-being. Read the article to learn more about their wellness efforts.

The importance of self-awareness in mental health

The Well-Being Index was recently highlighted in a Royal College of Physicians post as a featured tool to help physicians increase their self-awareness and mental health during difficult times. Learn more about how self-assessments can help you identify where you fall on the well-being continuum.

Well-Being Weekly

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