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Course Promotion

Meded-icons_Course_PromotionMarketing your courses with MedEd Manager is easy. With the click of a button (literally) you can launch a custom website which displays all of your live, online, and RSS offerings in one place. The system takes care of the details, like showing visitors other courses they may be interested in or courses that were recently viewed. Need to update the website? No problem. Simply update the information on the backend and your website is updated automatically. No more calling IT and waiting for weeks.



Wouldn’t it be nice if your website attempted to upsell for you? MedEd Manager does. Through our proprietary tagging tool, you can associate courses, products, or other items together. We then utilize the tagging system to show “other items you may be interested in” on the website.


MedEd Manager Demo Video


With MedEd Manager you can:

  • Manage All Registrations in One Place: View and modify all of your registrations for multiple courses/events in one easy to use interface.
  • Customize Registration Forms: Collect individualized information based on the type of event or course.
  • Save Time: Execute all of your CME tasks in one place, and track all related activities in one simple reporting dashboard.

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