MedEd Manager: Security and Reliability


MedEd Web Solutions is a high-end provider of HIPAA compliant, highly secure hosting, so all of your data is safe and secure.


Reliability & Scalability

MedEd Manager is hosted on our own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) located at Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud hosting provider in the world. We utilize a variety of their services to ensure reliable email delivery (SES), redundant and scalable databases (RDS), and extremely fast web servers. Even our free plans get the added benefit of these enterprise hosting solutions.


MedEd Manager Demo Video


With MedEd Manager you can:

  • Manage All Registrations in One Place: View and modify all of your registrations for multiple courses/events in one easy to use interface.
  • Customize Registration Forms: Collect individualized information based on the type of event or course.
  • Save Time: Execute all of your CME tasks in one place, and track all related activities in one simple reporting dashboard.

Get a free demonstration of MedEd Manager to see how it works. We'll show you how easy CME Management can be!

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