Nurse Well-Being Index

Address the State of Well-Being Among Nurses

Due to increased responsibility, long work hours, staff shortages, and other factors, burnout is a problem among nurses across the country. One-out-of-three nurses report feeling unsatisfied about their work environment. It’s one of the highest contributors of staff turnover and a driving force behind nurses leaving the profession altogether. 

Invented By Mayo ClinicBurnout and a low Well-Being Index score can lead to many negative implications. On a personal level, burnout has been directly linked to depression, a decreased quality of life, even personal harm. From an organizational standpoint, a decreased well-being leads to decreased patient care levels, on-the-job error, and is correlated with high staff turnover.

The Impact of the Nurse Well-Being Index

The Nurse Well-Being Index was invented by Mayo Clinic to evaluate multiple dimensions of distress. It is a completely anonymous online tool that accurately measures well-being in just 9 questions. After completing the assessment, users have the ability to track their wellness over time, access customized resources, and more.

The goal of the Nurse Well-Being Index is to identify the problem and give institutions and nurses a way to track well-being. Once the problem is addressed, a solution to improve well-being can be implemented, rejuvenating passion and purpose.

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Nurse Well-Being Index

A Few Highlighted Features


100% Anonymous

Removes the fear of implications: The Nurse Well-Being Index is 100% anonymous.


Reporting Tools

Tracking and extensive reporting tools encourage self-awareness of well-being.

Identify Distress

Evaluate Effectiveness

A way to evaluate the effectiveness of wellness programs.


Compete Customization

A set of completely customizable features for all of your organization's needs.


Well-Being Community

The WBI Community is available to connect with fellow users and is full of resources to ensure success.


Well-Being Resources

Provides instant access to valuable resources when nurses need them the most.

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Go Beyond Burnout

Transforming the Approach to Well-Being.

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