How To Promote Your CME Course Offerings

CME courses must be promoted in a visually appealing and systematic way.  For example, does your marketing website give enough details to entice your visitors into learning more and eventually registering for the course?  Do you have enticing offers for free content or other CTA's that get your visitors to begin interacting with you?

A marketing website that includes Calls To Actions (CTA's) allows you to begin collecting information about your potential customers.  The more you can learn about your physician's needs before they attend your course (online or live) the better you can market to them in the future.  For example, when do they recertify next?  How technical are they?  How do they prefer to receive future course offerings - email, postal or online?  The more you know about your physicians the more targeted and valuable information you can provide them.Medical CME Marketing


MedEd Manager provides a beautiful course marketing website that seemlessly integrates with your marketing efforts to collect and store information about your physicians.  If you're strategy only includes sending postcards to purchased mailing lists, it's time to utilize inbound marketing strategies to reach targeted prospects.

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