Now Available: The Nurse Well-Being Index


Right on the heels of the new feature updates, the MedEd Webs Solutions team is excited to announce the newest addition to the Well-Being Index offerings: the Nurse Well-Being Index. Invented by the Mayo Clinic, the Nurse Well-Being Index is a 100% anonymous, web-based tool that evaluates multiple dimensions of distress in just 9 questions. Nurses perform many duties within a healthcare system. Between increased responsibility, staff shortages, and long hours, nurses are among the most stressed and highly likely to experience burnout. Statistics show 1-out-of-3 nurses report burnout. Burnout has several negative personal and industry repercussions. The Nurse Well-Being Index was created to alleviate these trends by first identifying the problem.

The Nurse Well-Being Index

The Nurse Well-Being Index is a 9-question online assessment where nurses can anonymously assess multiple dimensions of their well-being. Once the user completes the assessment, the tool provides instant feedback and resources based on results. Other features of the Nurse Well-Being Index include the ability to: 

  • Anonymously compare results to other nurses using a national sample.
  • Track well-being scores over time.
  • Improve well-being awareness and resiliency.  
  • Access to resources on topics tailored to the well-being of nurses.

From an admin standpoint, the Well-Being Index has several reporting features that allow admins to track and analyze well-being scores, comparing several factors, completely anonymously. The Well-Being Index tool is easy to implement institution wide and includes several other admin functions.

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Mission of the Well-Being Index

Measuring wellness is the first step to addressing the problem of burnout among healthcare professionals. The Well-Being Index was created to address this problem. Invented by the Mayo Clinic, its purpose is to provide a resource to analyze multiple dimensions of distress. The ultimate goal is to reduce burnout and reignite purpose in professions of high stress. 

Demo the Nurse Well-Being Index

The Well-Being Index for nurses is available to demo. To access the Nurse Well-Being Index and see how it could fit into your wellness plan, demo the complete tool today.


Access The Demo Account - Try It For Yourself!

You will get instant access to the Well-Being Index demo account to test the software as different types of users. We will also send you a confirmation email with the link to the demo account for future access.

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