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Take Control of your CME Events

Efficiently manage events. Improve your event marketing. Simplify faculty involvement.


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MedEd Manager is a powerful learning management software (LMS) tool that will transform how you facilitate CME events and activities. MedEd Manager manages while you execute.


Manage Various Types of Events


Live Events

Manages registration, name tags, certifications, program details, and more.

Online Events

Supports video, webinar, and other online educational content. MedEd Manager even supports post-event assessments and certifications.

Regular Scheduled Series 

Simplifies RSS event execution with a one-time setup system.


Other Event Capabilities

Other event capabilities include faculty management, disclosure tracking, built-in marketing strategies and event promotion, eCommerce integration, and a live conference app. With multiple admin levels, you have complete control over who sees what information and when.


Exams, Assessments, and Certifications

Build exams and assessments in one convenient location. Allow users to see their results and even print certificates, on-demand. Certifications can be created for a variety of AMA credits.


Integration and Reporting

MedEd Manager eliminates complicated data systems and pulling reports from multiple sources. With MedEd Manager, easily pull PARS reports, financial information, and other data reports customized for your needs.

We’ve also integrated HubSpot. Hubspot is a powerful CRM system that provides big data with analytics for multiple aspects of your programming and marketing efforts. With API integration, other systems can also be integrated for a seamless and efficient process.


Secure and Reliable

As a software as a service (SaaS), MedEd Manager is unique in that updates are automatic. You can be assured to always have the best, most reliable system available.