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MedEd Manager has a wide variety of flexible plans and pricing that allow your organization to grow and adapt with the software. Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll have a CME business management platform that will save you time and increase course registrations. All plans include dependable support and new, exclusive features. Not sure which plan is best for your team? Schedule a time to chat that works best for you!

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Course Management

One Database for Everything

With over 10 years of experience in the CME industry, we’ve made course management and CME marketing uncomplicated. Over 60,000 healthcare professionals have used MedEd Manager to register for live conferences, online courses, and RSS. All of your course options are in one central database, allowing all content to be just a click away on any device.

Live Courses

Effortlessly enter course details, cost and payment options, sessions, speakers, etc. once, and MedEd Manager takes care of the rest. Easily manage registrations, cancellations, name badges, and so much more! Physicians love the live note-taking capabilities, personalized certificates, and the ability to access everything from their customized dashboards.

Online Courses

Online courses are commonplace in CME, so your system needs to be accommodating to all devices. MedEd Manager supports video, webinar, third-party software, and even manages post-event assessments and certifications all from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


Regularly scheduled series are allowed to accommodate any type of agenda, whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or what have you. Admins can even customize the location, date, or topic for any event within a series. Physicians are able to check in at the event, allowing for attendance to be recorded.

Marketing Website

Course Promotion

With the click of a button (literally) you can launch a custom website that displays all of your live, online, and RSS offerings in one place. The MedEd Manager software takes care of details such as showing visitors other events they may be interested in or previously viewed courses. Plus, updating your website is easy: Make any edits on the backend, and they will automatically be added to the website. You’ll never have to wait for IT to make updates again.


MedEd Manager has the capacity to intelligently upsell courses, events, and products to your users. With our proprietary tagging tool, you can choose products and courses that are associated with one another. Then, the tagging tool system shows users other items they may be interested in.


Sell Courses Online

MedEd Manager makes it simple to sell as many online and live courses as you offer. The eCommerce feature of the marketing website allows users to purchase several course offerings at once. Think of Amazon™ for CME. Educational products like DVDs or literature are also supported.

Payment Integration

Most payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.NET are integrated in MedEd Manager, creating a positive user experience all the way through payment. If you don’t have a credit card merchant account, we can process the transactions for you and transfer funds into your checking account.

Drive Traffic & Analyze Data

MedEd Manager’s built-in SEO tool is able to attract more visitors and is fully integrated with Google Analytics, making tracking and analyzing visitors’ actions effortless.

Third Party Fulfillment Integration


If you’re using a third party to fulfill or dropship your educational DVDs or books, MedEd Manager can work with you to make this a seamless process and ship your learning materials faster.


PARS Reporting

PARS reporting is easy with MedEd Manager. Simply download the PARS report, and we’ll already have filled in the majority of information for you.

Financial/Budget Reports

Keeping track of live course budgets and financials shouldn’t be burdensome. MedEd Manager allows you to set separate budgets for each event while tracking the financials on registrations and cancellations for you. Ask us about year-end financial reports!

Custom Reports

Although we offer a wide array of reports for budgets, registrations, orders, and more, sometimes you need access to your data in a special format. MedEd Manager will work with you to create a custom report so that you can get your work done the way you need it!

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Faculty Management

Disclosure Forms

We know that disclosure forms can be a headache. So, we developed a system that makes sending, completing, and collecting disclosure forms painless. We also keep past disclosures on file to make it easier for your faculty to complete them. Plus, you can send email reminders about incomplete disclosures in one click.

Hotel & Other Forms

Collecting hotel forms from faculty is simple with MedEd Manager. In fact, you can create and send as many custom faculty forms as you like to accommodate your needs.

Performance Feedback


MedEd Manager provides participants with the opportunity to rate speakers through either the desktop or mobile app version. This way, faculty can see how their content and delivery were perceived by attendees in order to either continue their processes, or work on elements that can be improved.

Check It Out

By trying out the marketing and admin sides of MedEd Manager, you’ll have a better understanding of what these features can help you accomplish. Simply fill out a quick form and see what you can achieve with MedEd Manager!

Exams & Certifications



MedEd Manager allows you to create and administer exams and simple online assessments seamlessly. You’re in control of how many attempts exam-takers are given, as well as the passing score. You also have the option to automatically assign certificates to participants after successful completion. Participants’ assessment scores are accessible at any time.



You’re in control of the credit types that are offered for each course, whether it be AMA Category 1, Nursing, or anything else. We can even configure your account with a custom certificate for each type of credit you offer. Physicians will be able to access and print their certificates without having to contact you.

Mobile App

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

MedEd Manager looks and functions just as precisely on mobile devices as it does on the desktop version. Users will be able to take live notes during sessions, view maps, and access event details from anywhere, just by using their mobile devices.

iPhone/iPad App

iPhone/iPad App

MedEd Manager offers a custom live conference app that integrates easily with all of your data already stored. Over are the days of building a separate live conference app through a third party.

Users & Groups

Multiple Admin Groups

Multiple Admin Groups

MedEd Manager makes accessing files and registrant information for managers a cinch. Find all of the information for any CME conference in one central location. Looking for more customization? Grouped admins can easily manage separate events and faculty forms, in addition to personalizing homepages and dashboards.

Admin User Functionality

Admin User Functionality

MedEd Manager allows admins to access critical conference and user information, including:

  • Past, current, and future conference and course information
  • Detailed reports of registrants
  • Payment statuses for registrants
  • Attendance records
  • Faculty disclosure forms
  • And much more!

Single Sign-On & API

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

If your organization is large enough to require your offerings to be separated by specialty (cardiovascular, radiology, etc.), and managed with independent staff, your users should still be able to access what they need without hiccup. We offer a single sign-on system in which users are only required to create one registered profile. The one registered profile gives users access to purchase from all specialty websites and course offerings.



MedEd Manager’s Application Programming Interface (API) can query user profile and registration information, allowing you to share the data with other systems and software. Additionally, we have a team of highly-skilled programmers willing and able to tackle nearly any custom task.

HubSpot CRM Integration



If big data is your thing, you can take advantage of HubSpot’s marketing and CRM platform that we’ve integrated into MedEd Manager. Harness HubSpot’s powerful marketing and analytics software to engage prospects throughout the year. Plus, increase course registrations and analyze user behavior surrounding purchasing decisions.

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Security & Reliability



You can rest assured that all of your data is safe and secure within MedEd Manager. MedEd Web Solutions is a high-end provider of HIPPA-compliant, highly-secured hosting.

Reliability & Scalability


MedEd Manager is hosted on our own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) located at Amazon Web Services™, the largest cloud-hosting provider in the world. We utilize a variety of their services to ensure reliable email delivery, redundant and scalable databases (RDS), and uber fast web servers. Even our free plans get the added benefit of these enterprise hosting solutions.

Support & Updates

Support When you Need it


Facilitating CME events and courses is no easy task. Our team is dedicated to being available when you need us most through a variety of support options including phone and email. We have built our own support portal where you can ask for help on any screen within MedEd Manager, view your current and past support requests, and communicate with our team through each request. Moreover, when we make major changes to the software, you’ll be the first to know in order to have adequate time to prepare.



Because MedEd Manager is a web-based program, all implemented updates are immediately available. As we continuously add new features and functions, you will automatically receive access. That’s the beauty of software-as-a-service (SaaS).

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