8 Unique Benefits of the Well-Being Index


The Well-being Index, invented by physicians at Mayo Clinic, is the only online self-assessment tool that measures 6 dimensions of distress and well-being in just 9 questions. Leading institutions and organizations throughout the world use the Well-Being Index to accurately measure wellness among their staff. Discover the various benefits of the Well-Being Index for both participants and organizational administrators below.

Participant Benefits

Completely Anonymous

First and foremost, the Well-Being Index is for the healthcare worker; it’s the reason that it is 100% anonymous. We want to remove the fear of self-assessing and the implications of not scoring well. And if a participant doesn’t score well, we want to provide them with everything they need to begin their journey toward improved well-being. In order to ensure anonymity for participants and protect organizations from liability, all data and participant information is stored in secure Well-Being Index servers and provided to administrators in a de-identified aggregate format.

Ease of Use

The Well-Being Index was designed with busy healthcare workers in mind. Unlike other surveys that are dozens of questions long, the Well-Being Index assessment contains 9 simple yes-or-no or slider questions and takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Signing up for the Well-Being Index is quick and easy. Participants can create their account using any email they would like and input the access code that will be provided by the organization. They will then fill out simple, unidentifiable demographic information such as gender, specialty, employment status, etc. Participants are also able to log in via the Well-Being Index Mobile App with all the same functionalities to assess and track their well-being on the go. 

Continuous Tracking

Participants will see their results immediately after completing the assessment. They will receive an overall well-being score along with individual scores for the six dimensions of distress and well-being measured for the version of assessment they completed. The results page will also display comparisons to their peers at the organization (if enough have assessed) and to national benchmarks. The Well-Being Index is a lifelong tool that allows for continuous measurement of well-being and distress. Participants can reassess on an ongoing basis and track their progress over time.

Administrators do have the ability to specify assessment periods and plan the number of times a participant can assess, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, annually, etc., depending on what makes the most sense with their wellness programs.

Customized Resources

The Well-Being Index will then provide resources based on the participant’s results. Each of the resource topics includes a brief video from Dr. Shanafelt or Dr. Drybe that provides an overview of research on the topic and a list of national resources, including links to various publications, specific activities, and websites. Resource categories include Stress & Resiliency, Money, Relationships & Work-Life Integration, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, and many more. In addition, organizations can input custom local resources and contact information for their participants to access.

Organization Benefits

Advanced Reports

Reports are the most important part of the Well-Being Index for the organization. Advanced reports allow administrators to identify who the most distressed groups are in order to plan and implement effective wellness initiatives and track how well those initiatives are performing. Once the assessment has been launched, the Admin Dashboard displays data from the various reports, including participant engagement, distress and well-being, and reports on custom demographic questions.

By default, the Well-Being Index provides reports on the percentage of individuals with a high level of distress, mean score by gender, specialty, years since graduation, and the resources that have been accessed. Administrators have the ability to compare the organization’s results to national benchmarks. Many more fully customizable reports can be created at any time and exported in a variety of formats to use outside of the tool. Up to three custom process improvement questions can also be added to end of the assessment which will be reported on in the advanced reports, allowing the organization to dig even deeper to help inform and improve wellness efforts.

Starter Kit

Organizations that license the Well-Being Index will also be provided with the Starter Kit to assist in communication and promotion for launching the assessment. The Starter Kit has 4 main areas: Sections one and two contain checklists and best practices for setting up and launching the Well-Being Index. Section three contains a number of email templates for communications to your participants before, during, and after launch. Section four contains other resources including digital signage, fliers, and videos to help you get the word out and keep your wellness efforts in front of your participants.

Expert Support

The Well-Being Index provides expert support for the entire process. Organizations aren’t given access to the assessment and then sent on their way. Rather, the Well-Being Index team has a support staff dedicated to helping administrators successfully implement and use the tool. After licensing the Well-Being Index, organizations work closely with their own Product Specialist and have access to the support portal built right into the administrator side of the tool. The Well-Being Index Product Specialist will assist with team meeting coordination, admin training, custom resource planning, promotion & communication coaching, post-assessment reporting review, reassessment planning, and institutional wellness consulting.

WBI Community

The Well-Being Index Community is an admin discussion board that allows administrators from all over the world to trade ideas, share success stories, and have discussions on how to improve well-being among healthcare professionals. Interact and connect like never before with this exciting new feature built right into the tool.

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