Well-Being Weekly | Week of October 12th, 2020

Explore the latest research, news, and developments in the world of wellness in this installment of the Well-Being Weekly. Get caught up on this week's biggest stories surrounding mental health and well-being in the healthcare industry. 

How to implement a wellness survey during COVID-19

As you may know, the Well-Being Index recently sponsored and presented at the Champions of Wellness Virtual Summit 2020, a digital event focused on helping healthcare leaders improve staff well-being. Today, we sit down with Well-Being Index Product Specialist John McMahon to discuss his presentation topic and common questions posed during the Q&A session.

In his role as Product Specialist, John has personally helped over 50 organizations from around the world implement the Well-Being Index assessment in their wellness programming. At the virtual summit, John discussed the best practices he has found for launching a wellness survey and how institutions can maximize participation rates, especially during times of crisis. 

Well-Being Weekly

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