Marketing CME: 6 LinkedIn Groups to Target


With all the digital ad platforms we have available to us, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are really worth your dollars. To be sure you’re marketing to professionals - healthcare professionals at that - LinkedIn is a great place to start. LinkedIn offers a robust amount of segmented audiences you can target for digital ads, including groups. To take a great deal of guesswork out of marketing CME offerings, consider targeting the following LinkedIn groups.

Healthcare Industry Professionals Group

The Healthcare Industry Professionals Group on LinkedIn is made up of over 90,000 medical professionals. Discussions in this group consist of HIPAA compliance, accountable care organizations, mobile healthcare, and hospital administration among other healthcare-related topics.

Marketing your CME event or products to members of the Healthcare Industry Professionals Group should pay off in recognizability, if not conversions. The old Rule of Seven still rings true in some instances, and social platforms like LinkedIn make it even easier for CME marketers to achieve such exposure. It’s up to you - the marketer - to launch your ad campaign in time for the necessary impressions to culminate.

Modern Healthcare: The leader in healthcare business news, research, and data

You may be familiar with the magazine or the website, however, Modern Healthcare also has a dedicated LinkedIn group boasting nearly 40,000 members. Like most LinkedIn groups, there are dedicated managers who monitor the content that’s posted. Don’t expect to post promotional or advertising material within the group, for that is not its purpose.

Modern Healthcare’s purpose is to engage its members in thoughtful discussion about issues affecting the medical industry. These issues could include technology in healthcare, best industry practices, and even continuing medical education. The professionalism and credibility of this LinkedIn group make it a hot commodity for ad targeting, and one that CME marketers should take note of.

Healthcare Job Opportunity Networking Group

What better audience for targeted CME ads than professionals looking to advance their career in healthcare? This specific networking group houses almost 24,000 members and offers a platform for professionals to find open positions in the medical industry. If you can make your way onto a member’s sidebar or newsfeed, you may just catch a new conversion.

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Specialized Groups

Do you offer CME events and products to a specialized group of healthcare providers? Don’t leave out the smaller, more specific (often higher-quality) groups. Take the following for instance:

Radiology Network

This radiology-centered group has over 7,500 members who are all involved in the industry in one way or another. The group’s purpose is to foster connections between radiology personnel and to serve as a platform for sharing ideas in the field. By targeting this specialized LinkedIn group, you’ll be able to market radiology CME offerings for a higher ROI.

Journal of Invasive Cardiology

The Journal of Invasive Cardiology LinkedIn group provides a forum for clinicians - namely, invasive cardiologists and researchers - to discuss industry-related topics. This group also gives its members a chance to network and exchange ideas and advancements with one another. The Journal of Invasive Cardiology boasts over 3,100 members and would be a decisive group to target for cardiovascular CME offerings.

World Federation of Neurology

Reach neurologists all over the world by targeting the 2,000-member World Federation of Neurology group on LinkedIn. This network of neurologists and researchers work to promote quality neurology practices and brain health on an international level. The World Federation of Neurology is an example of just one group that could use neurology CME credits.

Final Thoughts

Although LinkedIn has made it quite easy to target specific audiences on its platform, research and strategizing will still play important roles in your ad campaign. Don’t assume because you found the perfect group to target that your copy or graphics will automatically translate.

For tips on CME digital advertising, take a look at these best practices for using pay-per-click ads in your industry.

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