CME Software Update: Introducing MedEd Manager 5.0


MedEd Manager is a powerful learning management software (LMS) tool that will transform how you facilitate CME events and activities. MedEd Manager manages while you execute. In its latest update, we've listened to some of the top-producing CME experts in the field and updated the software accordingly. Here are our favorite updates. 

Better Integration Between Course Schedule, Registration Form, and Evaluation Process 

The most exciting improvement in the newest release of MedEd Manager is the integration ability between a course schedule with both the registration form and the evaluation process.

This means that event admin can generate a registration form, speaker and course evaluation process all from the course schedule. Upon editing the course schedule, all other documents will also be updated in one step.

Completely Optimized for Mobile

With MedEd Manager, all functions, features, and displays have been beautifully optimized for any device or display. From both an attendee and admin perspective, changes can easily be made on the fly and on the go from any mobile device; making it a completely comprehensive course companion.

Advanced Marketing Capabilities 

In addition to CME events and courses, MedEd Manager allows you to manage CME products such as books, case studies, videos, and any other CME product you offer in one place.

This update includes advanced marketing capabilities such as cross promotion and upsell functions. It allows you to cross promote and use specific marketing strategies within your product marketplace to increase your marketing efforts and sales.

Increased Continuing Education Credit Certificates

Also new to this version is the ability to assign different amounts and types of continuing education credits to certificates. This is great if you have multiple attendees at your course who need different types of credits and different amounts of CME. An attendee can enter in their completed sessions within the software and they'll receive the appropriate completed certificate for download. 

Course Comparison Reporting

If your organization holds the same event year-over-year, you can now compare courses overtime. This is a valuable feature for automatically tracking attendance trends, marketing ROI, budgetary numbers, among other variables. 

A Growing List of Customization Options

Administrators of CME events can now customize MedEd Manager with their own branding, making it a completely seamless experience for users. Branding can be altered for each course, making MedEd Manager a great tool for each and every course. 

These features join a growing list of reasons both admins and users alike love MedEd Manager. 

10 Other Reasons Users Love MedEd Manager

  1. Setting up events is a complete breeze. And all details can be duplicated from year-to-year. 
  2. So many advanced reports.
  3. The complete registration process 
  4. Print registration information, badges, table tents, and more directly from the software.
  5. Includes the ability for assessments and evaluations.
  6. Single-sign on capabilities.
  7. Completely secure and scale-able.
  8. Easy-to-navigate interface for abstract management, exhibitors, and more.
  9. Build a website with the click of a button (as well as tons of other marketing bonuses).
  10. Supports all types of events, courses, products in one platform. 

MedEd Manager has assisted some of the top-producing CME providers in the country. Learn more and how it can assist with your CME offerings in our free demo.  


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