New Comparative Data and More WBI Updates

wbi-layoutsThe Well-Being Index team is dedicated to keeping the tool as up-to-date and helpful as possible. Sometimes, that means prioritizing update requests above others. Nevertheless, the participant's best interest is always the driving source of our efforts.

This round of updates includes the most recent national comparative data for participants and admins, advanced breakdowns for physician specialties, at-a-glance statistics for admins, and automated email validation.

New National Norms

In an effort to provide participants and admins with the most relevant comparative data, the Well-Being Index has updated the national norms with the help of Mayo Clinic researchers. Now, participants can more accurately see how they compare to their peers on a national scale. Also, admins have relevant data to analyze how their organizations' well-being levels stack up to other health systems' across the country.

To see the new data in action, participants are encouraged to reassess.


Advanced Physician Breakdown by Specialty

The Well-Being Index team understands how important it is for participating physicians to see how their well-being levels compare to others in the same specialty. It's also important for admins to have the ability to analyze the differences and similarities between departments.

That being said, the WBI now offers the option to break down physician data by specialty. Specialties included are ones with enough data to make relevant comparisons. Additional specialties are available that have less data and are marked as such.


Aggregated Results at a Glance

To provide a faster way for admins to check aggregated data, there is now a snapshot feature on the opening page of the WBI app. Now, admins can quickly pull numbers at a glance instead of searching any deeper into the app.


Automated Email Validation

In an effort to ensure complete anonymity for the participant, the WBI app now offers automated email address validation in the case of a bounced email. The system will automatically send a validity check to the email address in question.


Reassess Your Well-Being

All of the new updates can be accessed by opening the app and reassessing. The WBI team hopes these updates will continue to help in the fight against workplace burnout.

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