We Assessed Nurse Burnout. Now What?

It's essential for your institution to have a game plan after participants have assessed their wellness levels using the Nurse Well-Being Index. How do you plan to address the scores pointing to burnout and improve results for next time?

The Well-Being Index provides resources for participants after they've assessed, specific to the individual's distress levels. However, it is officially a screening tool and not a diagnostic device. Keeping this in mind, the team behind the Well-Being Index wants to make addressing organizational burnout as easy and effective as possible.

Individual Burnout Resources

WBI Advocates and Champions have the ability to add custom resources to their plan. We encourage your organization to supply individuals with a variety of helpful resources to take advantage of. The following sources were created to help nurses address their burnout.

This article lists seven methods of dealing with stress specifically for nurses.

The American Holistic Nurses Association compiled multiple tools individuals can use to face feelings of burnout.

Nurse Burnout Resources for Organizations

The WBI team strongly encourages institutions to implement wellness initiatives in accordance to the Nurse Well-Being Index. Those initiatives could include the following:

This study by Barbara J. Henry, MSN, APRN-BC outlines six areas for potential nurse burnout and possible solutions for each.

By offering your staff professional development courses, such as "Overcoming Obstacles and Seeing Success" and "Managing Your Time," you make it possible for nurses to acquire CE hours in addition to new skills for fighting burnout. Plus, they will feel supported and valued by leadership.

The American Nurses Association offers consultations, workshops, conferences, and more for organizations to help staff feel as capable as possible.

Reassessment Time

These resources are meant to help your organization address burnout after participants assess their well-being. However, the journey to wellness does not stop there. To keep on top of burnout in your organization, participants need to be encouraged to regularly reassess. By continually referencing the Nurse Well-Being Index, your institution and individuals will be able to analyze trends in well-being.

Moreover, by taking advantage of reassessment times, leadership will be able to see if wellness initiatives are helping or falling short. This is only possible if individuals take their well-being and that of their peers seriously. Fortunately, assessing with the WBI only takes a few minutes.

To learn more about nurse burnout and promoting wellness in your institution, see the Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Nurse Burnout.

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