5 Factors to Look For When Researching a Learning Management System (LMS)


A learning management system (LMS) is a type of software that lets you create, monitor and manage e-learning training and resources. These programs provide accurate insights into your e-learning courses. You can assess the performance of students, deliver educational content and streamline the entire learning process. Seventy-three percent of users believe testing is the biggest function of LMS software, followed by training administration, record keeping and document management. But what should you look for when investing in an LMS vendor? 


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1. Consider the Pros and Cons of Available LMS Vendors

There are various LMS products on the market, including Litmos LMS, Zoola Analytics and LearnUpon. Weigh up the pros and cons of LMS tools before you part with your cash. Downloading a trial version of a piece of software allows you to experience an application's features for free for a limited time. This lets you decide whether a program is a good fit for your e-learning objectives.

2. Look for Cloud-Based Services

LMS simplifies e-learning, allowing you to distribute informational content to students. Some of the best applications on the market let you save documents to the cloud, so students can access content wherever they are in the world. Cloud-based e-learning tools provide your students with a wealth of benefits. This technology allows for better collaboration between students and course leaders, and boosts efficiency. The cloud provides enhanced protection, too. Students can retrieve course materials and projects quickly in the event of a computer failure.

3. Search for LMS Vendors That Have Accurate Reports

Some LMS programs come with analytics, which provide you with real-time insights into your e-learning courses. This is useful if you want to find out who has accessed your course materials and from where, and which content is the most popular with your students. Analytics are important in e-learning because they help to predict the behavior and performance of learners, and let you personalize learning experiences and increase retention rates. LMS software MedEd Manager, for example, collects valuable intelligence from various sources so you can access customized data reports for better decision-making.

4. Think About Features of the LMS Vendor

Good LMS software doesn't just benefit you as an e-learning provider. It makes life easier for your students, too. Think about the features that simplify e-learning when choosing a product. These might include automated reminders — notifications that you can send to learners when an assignment deadline is looming, for example — file sharing, discussion areas, mobile integration and a simple user interface. Too many features might turn off your students, however. Research shows that few learners use the most advanced features in an LMS program.

5. Choose a Program That Supports Video Learning

An LMS application should support video learning, providing you with an alternative way to communicate with your students. Video — such as live webinars, webcasts, interactive tutorials, etc. — should boost user engagement. When students hear a piece of information, they are likely to remember just ten percent of it three days later. However, learners retain 65 percent of information three days later when it is presented alongside a relevant visual.

The LMS market is predicted to grow by 23 percent between 2017 and 2018 as more e-learning providers use this technology. When looking for a good LMS product, consider the pros and cons of a piece of software, search for cloud-based applications, look for programs with analytics, think about user features and choose a program that supports video learning. This way you can share the best e-learning experience with your students.

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